November 3, 2011

follow through

Oh my.  This has been one of those weeks that has just been nonstop, go go go, you don't have time to take a breath.  I made it through and I don't think I dropped the ball on anything.  When life gets busy like that, it's so typical for me to make excuses, blow something off and cheat my way out of anything I can.  I hate being like that.  It's something I've been trying to change.

Each of the girls took homemade treats to school for their Halloween parties last week (each one different, of course). I threw a small party for my brother and sister-in-law to announce that they are having a baby girl this spring!  I put together a wedding ceremony for a friend whose wedding I'm performing soon.  I even managed to buy thoughtful gifts for the parties we attended (please note that they were not purchased the day of the party).  I even managed to make sure all homework was done correctly, papers were signed, lunch money was taken on appropriate days and preschool pictures were decorated and returned on time. 

Isn't that cute?  I managed to do what millions of mothers do every day without messing anything up.  So why am I bragging?  Just proud of my tiny bit of progress!


  1. Way to go! That sounds like a lot and I'm pretty sure I would not have done all of that. You keep cheering yourself on!

  2. That is Awesome!I would kill to feel like that about now...

  3. thanks ladies, but please note that i did not mention anything about cooking dinner, showering, cleaning or sleeping!


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