November 14, 2011

I've Got Nothing

Today, because I'm recuperating from my very lazy weekend, all I have to entertain you with is this list.

Things you may not know about me

1.  My husband is much much older than me.

I will not give you an exact number of years, but I will tell you that it is less than 20.

2.  We are a single car family.

We have been for almost a year and a half.  It works for us, for now.  Unfortunately, though I'm not sure how much longer it will.

3.  I raise money for cystic fibrosis.

A close friend of mine had cystic fibrosis.  Every year I raise money for the Great Strides walk in his memory.

4.  I am an ordained minister.

It is true, you can hire the Drunken Housewife to officiate your wedding or civil union ceremony.

5.  I do not go to church and have never been religious.

I do, however, read the Bible almost every night before bed.

6.  I love going to the movies alone.

I'm comfortable doing most things alone, even eating.

7.  I live in a very small town (almost 8,500 people), less than an hour from St. Louis, MO

I am from a much smaller town, though (pop. 3,400).

8.  We do not have a dishwasher.

It's true.  We wash all the dishes for our family of 6 by hand.  Luckily, my husband helps a lot with that chore.

9.  I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

I had a plan once, but I took my time making it happen. Now, I'm not so sure it's relevant anymore.  Right now, I'm just happy being a wife and mom.

10.  When I was younger, getting married and having kids wasn't an option.

If you had asked me when I was 5, 16 or 21 if I wanted to have children, I would have looked at you like you threw poo at me.  Today?  I can't imagine doing anything else and I have become immune to poo.

Can you help Corrina out with her birthday project this year?

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