November 22, 2011

piecing it together

I have been working so very hard on this puzzle.  It's never ending.  I rearrange the pieces when they don't look right.  I give pieces away.  Sometimes I have to remove a piece permanently or cut away at it to make it fit.  Sometimes I have extra.  Sometimes, not enough. 

So many people focus so hard on their own piece that all they can see are the imperfections.  The blurred lines of the picture, the rough edges.  They will never see where their piece fits into the bigger picture.  They will never appreciate the entire puzzle.  They will, however use that small fraction to judge the whole. 

Only those who watch me work it daily get a glimpse of the finished product.  Even then, there are pieces missing.  As much as I hate to, I can't help looking at the puzzles others are working on.  All I can see are pieces, but I notice their colors are more brilliant than mine, their lines clearer, their edges smoother.  I have to fight the urge to tear up the whole thing and start over.

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