November 14, 2011

view from the other side

My stomach is in knots.  I know I'm going to make a mistake.  I know I'm going to talk too loud, too soft or giggle.  I can't.  This isn't like giving a speech in high school.  In fact, this isn't even about me.  It's not my day and I can't mess up. 

The bride comes down the aisle and she looks beautiful.  She also looks like her feet my hurt but she couldn't care less.  She has a goal and he is waiting for her.  They stand in front of me and I begin.  The words come out effortlessly and even "In a world where faith often falls short of our expectation, it is a wonderful tribute to two people to see them joining hands and hearts in perfect faith". 

Most people don't see a wedding from this perspective.  I never have.  It's amazing to see the look on their faces, the love, the hope, the fears and happiness that pass between them as they look into each other's eyes and repeat after me.  I am yours and you are mine."  At that moment, the room could have been filled with thousands or none and they wouldn't know the difference.  That's all that matters. 

I hope to always remember them this way.

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  1. Oh wow, you're right- I've never thought of a wedding from this perspective! What an amazing experience and moment and memory to be really and truly "in!"

  2. That is beautiful. What a perfect way to start a wedding.


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