December 7, 2011


I need to remember...

that 3 and 4 year olds don't understand the stress of motherhood.

they don't understand why one minute i complain that they have an entire room full of toys that they never play with, then ask them to stop dragging every toy they own out to play with.

it is ridiculous to expect 4 children to be hungry (or thirsty or have to pee) at the same time.

there was a time when i hated everything my mother suggested i wear to school.

that no one knows that i need help unless i ask.

that those i depend on to keep me sane have others who depend on them as well.

how well i do my job isn't determined by how clean my house is.

it's ok to take time for myself.

it's ok to be silly and make messes.

there are 4 girls who need me to be the best i can be.

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