January 17, 2012

Back and Forth

Sitting here while two little girls sleep and one watches Snow White, I wonder if maybe it's time for me to start transitioning out of their room. 
They all wake up so frequently, though. 
I like being here when they need me and it's just so much easier to be in the same room with the three of them. 
If I weren't, I probably wouldn't get any sleep because I'd be running back and forth so often.
I hurt my shoulder so pretty much any position I get in for night time nursing is excruciating, maybe it's time to move Stella to her crib. 
I think there's something so special and almost magical about bedtime and sharing a room with your sisters.  I wonder if my being here is taking away from that. 
I love these moments, when they're all falling asleep and I sit in the rocking chair for a couple minutes to write. 
I love looking at their faces in the soft light as they drift off to sleep, knowing that I'm here and they're safe. 
I love when Georgia whispers "I love you, mom" in her sleep.
I love reaching out my hand and feeling Stella's little baby belly rise and fall with every little baby breath.  It's so easy to make sure that she's alright. 
I love holding Kennedy and stroking her hair when she has a bad dream or can't go to sleep. 
I love reading books to all of them and watching movies and talking and being silly. 
Maybe I'll stay a little while longer.  I suppose when it's time, I'll just know and won't question it so much. 

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  1. I can just see you rocking as they go to sleep. I bet they treasure this time and will talk about it when they are all older.

  2. Mmm...I know those moments so well. A few weeks ago my two year old son fell asleep in my arms and my hubby said, "are you going to lay him down yet?" and I just couldn't bear to let go. I so enjoyed feeling his breath on my chest and knowing he was safe and sound in my arms. One day I know I will miss that.


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