February 28, 2012

Becoming A Mommy

Kennedy and Georgia have both decided that their ambition in life is to be a mommy.  One goal, but two very different ideas of how to get there. 

Kennedy understands that in order to become a mommy, you start by having a baby.  She spends her time making sure the babies are safe, happy, comfortable and taken care of.  She spends a lot of time making meals for people and breastfeeding.  She definitely gets the nurturing side of motherhood. 

Georgia thinks that becoming a mommy has more to do with work and less to do with babies.  She spends her time with a sponge cleaning the dishes that Kennedy dirties.  She vacuums the floor. 

She gets so proud of herself for saying things like "Don't give me that look, Stella".  "Did you hear me, mom?  Did you hear what I said?  I'm almost a mommy!"  "Yes, I heard what you said.  You shouldn't say things like that to the baby."  "But, mom, you say it to Corrina..."

They are both so very right and yet both ideas together only scratch the surface of what it takes to be a mommy. 

Recently, they started changing the toilet paper roll when it's empty.  They both believe this to be one of their biggest accomplishments.  They seem to agree that this is one job that  only a mommy does and by doing it, they are both well on their way to becoming good mommies. 

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