February 9, 2012

Looking In

I thought that I'd ease myself back into blogging with a You Capture post. 
I seem to spend a lot of time looking in things.

Inside toys.

Inside mouths to discover new teeth

Inside pans to see if my rolls are rising

Inside my cupcakes

In my rear view mirror

You can find more pictures "looking in" at


  1. great shots, love the cupcake looks yummy!

  2. As mothers, we look inside a lot of things. Don't forget diapers and ears/noses, though I suppose those don't make great pictures. :)

    I can completely relate to your shots. Nice job!

  3. Nom Nom Nom...you're making me hungry with all of the food. ;)

  4. Teething lately? That has to be fun times! Just kidding. Hope you are getting good sleep - teething can be no fun for everyone.

  5. Nothing like the discovery of new teeth. Oh, my goodness, that cupcake looks delicious!

  6. These are wonderful! I really like the cute little baby mouth. :-)

  7. I love that you looked inside your cupcake, not only looked but also shot! That's awesome! If you get a second, I would love you to share that shot with my readers via my new FOOD challenge! :)


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