March 8, 2012

these boots were made for...

There are some battles I don't even enter because I know that I won't win.  One of these is clothing, especially when it comes to Georgia.  Corrina, I try to help because she's old enough to be more fashion conscious (though she rarely listens to me).  Kennedy is pretty good at putting an outfit together.  Georgia picks out individual pieces and wears them whether they go together or not.

 It's something that I kind of love about her.  I also love that she has the attitude to back up her choices.  I will never have to worry about her coming home from school crying because someone made fun of her clothes.  If someone makes fun of her, she'd probably just step on their toes with the boots she insists on wearing EVERY day.

I made this skirt yesterday as a practice, just to see if I can do it kind of thing and she fell in love with it.  Mistakes and all.  It was hard to get it off of her last night to wash it.

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  1. I love a confident fashionista! It is definitely not a battle worth fighting and allowing her that confidence will serve her well as she grows.


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