June 25, 2012

the heart of a child

my grandmother has cancer.  stage 4 liver cancer.  she's taking an oral chemotherapy drug, which comes with some pretty ugly side effects.  i had to explain to corrina because i didn't want her to be scared if she noticed nana's hair falling out. 

the other day, corrina and i were grocery shopping.  we had just turned the corner to a new aisle when corrina got this look on her face.  she looked as though she had thought of something brilliant, the answer to every question ever asked.  with a finger in the air, she said "i'll be right back" and ran around the corner we just turned.  she came back holding this:

With the most excitement i've heard in her voice in a long time, she said "do you think this could help nana?"

even though everything about this girl screams (sometimes very literally and very loudly) "teenager", it's good to know that her heart still whispers "child".  i wish i didn't need these reminders.
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  1. Ohhh, sweetie. It's amazing how our babes say the most amazing things. Thanks for sharing this.


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