September 17, 2012

facebook fixes

Everyday I log onto Facebook to see what's happening in my small little world.  Everyday, I'm amazed by the thought provoking things that others have written.  There are people on my list of friends that I haven't deleted yet because I'm either too lazy or because they're like a horrific accident that I don't want to look at but seem drawn to do so. 

Since I probably won't delete anyone any time soon and I refuse to comment on their status, I feel it would help me tremendously if facebook would add a button along with the "like" or "share".  this way, people know that I'm here"I'm reading what you're saying." "I feel you."  "I understand where you're coming from."   

I'm sure that Facebook wouldn't consider all of my suggestions, but if they would consider even one, my life would be so much easier.  Here are my suggestions (in no particular order):

1. The how were you allowed to have children OR why haven't your children been removed from your care button.

2.  The did you even graduate high school OR did your school use history textbooks from the 1800s button. 

3.  The my 4 year old can type an entire word, why can't you button.

4.  The I'm frightened that someone out there could actually make sense out of that jumbled mess and agree with it button.

5.  The do you really think Jesus reads your facebook page button.

6.  The I'm afraid if I delete you, I will be put on your "list". Therefore, I will keep quiet and occasionally "like" your frightening statuses to ensure my safety button. 

7.  The I'm not requesting full on research backing what you state as truth, but have you ever even googled it button.

8.  The you paid someone to make you look like that and you like it button

9.  The please stop looking through lists of funny statuses and picking one to pass as your own button

10.  The do you really think your wish will come true or a miracle will happen if you click share in 30 seconds button.

What do you think?  What would you add? Are you guilty of any of these? 

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