October 31, 2012

when baby elephants attack

so, nick jr has changed their nightly programming to include programs for "adults only" called nick mom. i had a rare opportunity last night to tune in and see what it was about. i have to say that i was not impressed at all.

i spend a fair amount making jokes about motherhood on my facebook page. i am capable of laughing at myself, my children and the situations we find ourselves in. there has to be a place to draw the line, though. some things are just not funny.

i think this crosses that line.
When Baby Elephants Attack | Videos We Heart | Watch NickMom Videos: Watch the video Tantrum TV - When Baby Elephants Attack on nickmom.

i'm not sure where to start with this.  children in emotional distress are not amusing.  is it funny to watch anyone in emotional distress?  i can think of a few things a parent should do in this situation and recording the tantrum and giggling is not on that list. 

nickelodeon should cherish children and their feelings.  afterall, it is the children that have built their channel, their shows and their products.  where would you be without children, nickelodeon? 

most mothers spend their days trying to diffuse tantrums.  why does nick think that mothers would would want to watch even 1 minute of a tantrum as entertainment? 

perhaps nick jr should stick to entertaining children and forget about trying to entertain mothers.

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