January 14, 2013

I have no street cred

I love dropping the girls off at school in the morning.  It seems to be one of the few times in the day when I get to connect with Corrina.  It's these times when I realize how amazing and funny and helpful she can be and am reminded that she is only 9.  She always double checks that everyone is in the car for me.  One morning Stella was being so quiet that I worried I had left her toddling around in the yard and drove off without her.  Corrina was very concerned that if I had left her, someone would probably find her, think she was a stray and keep her.  (please note that I did NOT leave Stella in the yard) She now double checks to avoid this.
Always worried about her image and looking for ways to improve it, she suggested that we put a bumper sticker or two on our van to make it "more creative".  After explaining that we're not really bumper sticker kind of people, she suggested spray paint.  She is under the impression that this is a great way to individualize our minivan.  I thought about it for a minute and said that she might be right.  I shared my idea of painting "momalicious" on the side, along with a large woman with 2 large breasts feeding a baby.  I thought this would be a pretty good representation of my personality/life/every day.  She did not agree and told me to forget the spray painting idea because I will never be cool. 


story of my life.

Now I'm left wondering where the hell she hangs out with people who are spray painting cars.  We don't live in the best neighborhood, but at least no one is spray painting their cars.

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