April 2, 2013

keeping busy

Lately, I've been keeping myself pretty busy making things. It seems like there is always some holiday or a birthday keeping me up to my eyeballs in projects. I just thought I'd share a few of the things I've made over the last couple months.

I made these t-shirts for a Mario themed party and a pirate themed party.
I later added a name to the hook shirt, but forgot to take a picture.
Here is a tutorial on freezer paper stenciling.
Each gift cost about $4.00

A tote bag for my best friend. 
cost: $1.99 for the tote from Hobby Lobby.
Big spender, I know.  I did buy her a margarita to go with it, though.

A hooded bath towel for my niece's first birthday.
Her parents call her Jo Jo.
I used a modified version of this tutorial for this towel,
but have since found another one that I like better.
Total cost was about $8.00.

Also for my niece's birthday, I made these color and shape bean bags.
I used fabric scraps so the total cost was about $2.00 for two bags of beans
and I think I only used one of them.

Finally, for my niece, I made this dress.
Actually, it turned out to be more of a shirt that I had to pair with leggings.
I somehow managed to hack off half of the skirt without thinking about what I was doing.
I got the idea from this tutorial, but didn't really follow it.
Total cost for this was about $10.00
It would have been less, but I didn't have any ribbon at home that I wanted to use.

I made this car play mat for my girls for Easter. 
It cost me nothing because I already had the felt.
It took quite a while to make, though.

Stella has formed an attachment to Cinderella. 
I think it's cute to hear her try to say it.
In the past when one of my kids took a shine to a certain character,
I would go out and spend tons of cash buying anything with that face on it. 
I am very proud to say that I don't do that anymore.
However, I found this Cinderella shirt on a clearance rack for $2.00 and couldn't resist.
I used this tutorial to turn it into a nightgown for her.
all of these pictures were taken with my iphone.  please forgive the poor quality!

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  1. We love your gifts!! I'm a sap so anything sentimental is special. Aela will be 35 and married using her "jojo" towel lol.


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