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Hi! I'm Brandi, mother of 4 girls, wife to 1 very lucky and patient man.  I am a drinker of many margaritas and a reader of many books.  I like to dabble in breastfeeding, baby wearing, and sewing.  We are taking (tiny) steps to make our approach of life simpler and more natural.  I am looking forward to the day when I can sleep in my own bed alone with my husband.  I am also hoping that none of my children will end up in therapy.  Thanks for stopping by.  Grab a glass of wine and join me in figuring out how to navigate through this life with as little damage as possible.

 Meet the Family:

Corrina is 10.  She is a lover of sci-fi, fantasy and all things strange.  She loves to draw and prides herself on not being too "girly".

Kennedy is 6.  She is spunky, sweet and a huge fan of toilet humor. 

Georgia is 5.  She has tremendous energy.  She has a deep love for spiderman, twirly skirts and school.

Stella is 3.  She loves Dora and dancing and is my biggest helper around the house.

Steve is a local elected official, which might sound important or glamorous, but it's not.  The pay stinks and being elected is just kind of a pain.  In the summer, he can be found cultivating his vegetable garden.  Anytime of the year, he can be found lugging 4 girls all over town.

For better or worse, we are the Pohlmans and this is our story.


  1. Sounds like fun - popped in via 'you capture' and wanted to say Hi :-)

  2. Brandi, therapy happens!


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